An Intensive 10-Day Training Course

The 10-day Competency Development & Managerial Excellence for Plant Supervisors

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17 - 28 Oct 2021


US $ 9,900


16 - 27 Oct 2022


US $ 9,900



In the 21st century and beyond, organisations face huge challenges in achieving high expectations related to maximising production, reducing equipment down time, meeting safety and environmental strict legislations. Competency Development & Managerial Excellence for Plant Supervisors training course aims at providing effective skills and competencies for plant supervisors to tackle those challenges.

EuroMaTech’s Competency Development & Managerial Excellence for Plant Supervisors training course provides delegates with state-of-the-art skills essential for operation & maintenance departmental leaders. Results include improving their staff motivation and performance, increased departmental outputs, zero conflicts during day-to-day activities and better interaction with other departments involved. This EuroMaTech training seminar also enhances delegates understanding on techniques for machinery failures prevention, maintenance and reliability improvements strategies, leadership and interpersonal skills, time management techniques, safety and environment related aspects of their duties

Participants on the Competency Development & Managerial Excellence for Plant Supervisors training course will develop the following competencies:

  • World-class Operators and Maintenance Personals’ Duties
  • Roles of World-class Operation and Maintenance Supervisors
  • Scheduling and Planning of Maintenance Tasks
  • Time Management and Interpersonal Skills
  • Staff Performance Improvements
  • Techniques for Improving the Performance of Staff
  • Health and Safety procedures related to Plant Operation & Maintenance
Programme Objectives

This EuroMaTech’s Competency Development & Managerial Excellence for Plant Supervisors training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop a toolkit of competencies and methods to enhance every area of supervisor’s responsibility
  • Build an action plan for managing their human capital while developing an effective program for operating, managing and maintaining production assets
  • Learn how to leverage their personal supervisory style, apply time management techniques, run effective meetings and improve operator’s performance
  • Explore how to make the transition from an operator to a supervisor
  • Gain excellent skills to take up supervisory positions
Who Should Attend?

The Competency Development & Managerial Excellence for Plant Supervisors training course is beneficial for, but not limited to:

  • Recently appointed Operation and Production Supervisors
  • Recently appointed Technical and Maintenance Supervisors
  • Technical & Maintenance Personnel who desire a Supervisory Position
  • Operation and Production Personnel who desire a Supervisory Position
  • Existing Operation & Maintenance Supervisors
  • Those who are responsible for managing Operation or Maintenance Departments
Training Methodology

This EuroMaTech Competency Development & Managerial Excellence for Plant Supervisors training course uses case studies, group discussion, reflection activities supported by video materials and exercises to help you apply what you learn to your work situation.

Programme Summary

EuroMaTech’s Competency Development & Managerial Excellence for Plant Supervisors training course covers essential skills such as understanding the nature of operator and maintenance personal duties, how to maximise production while reducing equipment failures, communicating persuasively and with impact, confidence to handle challenging situations and flexibility to adapt and being clear about bench marking operation and maintenance departments at your organisation.

This allows qualifying high standard operation and maintenance supervisors with the potential to become plants managers after gaining some practical experience. In addition to technical capabilities, skills needed to develop deeper relationships within the organisation and in particular with those around them will be also covered. Those skills are crucial towards inspiring operation and maintenance teams to achieve less plant’s equipment down time and influencing individuals to support the team direction.

Day 1 : Roles, Goals and Motivation of Operation & Production Supervisor
  • Control room and production operators responsibilities
  • Supervisors as a master key for organizational success and development
  • Different methods of developing competencies
  • Adapting a competency framework for supervision
  • Behavioral and leadership competencies
Day 2 : Operation and production Success Factors
  • Assessing risks and decision-making
  • Techniques to improve the performance of operators
  • Dealing with Stress (shutdown, failures, emergencies, incidents and others)
  • Attitude for inspiring change and innovations leading to continuous improvements
  • Skills for organizing and attending meetings
Day 3 : Techniques to Effectively Managing Operation Staff
  • Dealing with Diverse Workforce and Contractors
  • Analyzing Problems and Making Critical Decisions
  • Smart Delegation
  • Supervisory Staffing Issues: orientation, discipline & conflicts
  • Training, Mentoring and Delegating.
  • Proactive and Reactive roles and attitudes of Supervisors
  • Apply Time Management Techniques
  • Inter-personal Relations and Communication Skills
Day 4 : Best Practice in Managing Your Assets
  • Best practices for applying precision operation technologies
  • Guidelines for assessing plant’s equipment performance indicators
  • Developing road map to achieve world class production department
  • Observation skills and linking with outcome /effects to others, impact on environment
Day 5 : Competency Development for Health and Safety Aspects
  • Best practice in health and safety improving plans.
  • Achieving excellence in plant’s safety behaviour
  • Commitment and compliance towards health and safety standards
  • Safety culture and performance indicators
  • Motivation & employee involvement
  • Strategies to establish no blame culture
  • Final remarks and course closure
Day 6 : Skills Set, Roles and Motivation of Technical & Maintenance Supervisor
  • Fundamentals of Maintenance Engineering
  • Structure and function of world-class Maintenance Departments
  • Understanding and avoiding causes of assets failures
  • Maintenance Supervisors Roles, Skills and Duties
  • Upgrading of Technical, Personal and Leadership Competencies
Day 7 : Critical Factors for Maintenance Management
  • Fundamentals of assets reliability and key performance indicators
  • Quantitative determination of assets conditions
  • Techniques to improve worker productivity
  • Leaders attitudes and motivational skills in supporting their team
  • Skills for organizing and attending meetings
Day 8 : Effective Techniques for Managing Maintenance Activities
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling processes
  • Execution of maintenance tasks and feedback
  • Managing external contractors
  • Staff training, mentoring and communication skills
  • Time management techniques
Day 9 : Optimisation of Maintenance Programmes
  • Maintenance preventive and predictive modern technologies
  • Guidelines for assessing your existing maintenance system
  • Decision making and failures reduction strategies
  • Outcomes and impacts on environment and Pareto analysis methods
  • Overall equipment effectiveness determination and decision making grids
Day 10 : Health and Safety Aspects
  • Health and safety cultures and approaches for achieving safety excellence
  • Compliance with HSE standards
  • Safety culture promotion and measuring techniques
  • Motivation & employee involvement
  • Summary and course closure

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