An Intensive 2-Day Online Training Course

Appraisal Skills for Leaders

Creating meaningful conversations to drive performance, change and future success
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14 - 15 Jun 2021

Live / Online

US $ 1,150


01 - 02 Nov 2021

Live / Online

US $ 1,150



The overall aim of an appraisal is to set (and then achieve) mutually beneficial SMART objectives that drive the individual forward within the context of the business and environment that they are working in. In order to do this, there are a number of factors we need to 'get right' from creating the right environment to having the right people and importantly having the right conversations.

This 2-day EuroMaTech online training workshop will look to help you to build the necessary skills to have effective, meaningful conversations with your people supported by useful tools and processes.

During the workshop you will be introduced to the appraisal conversation beyond the form and learn more about how this fits in with the 9 box performance grid, your company pay scale and your businesses values, gaining a greater understanding of how to communicate this to your teams and how to use these tools to help people drive their career.

We will also look at preparing for the appraisal, including gathering information and evidence and importantly how to give quality feedback utilising a combination of feedback models. Participants will have the opportunity to practice and refine these skills throughout the workshop using examples and scenarios. This will all culminate in the setting of effective SMART targets that maintain high standards and drive people forward through their careers.

Participants will develop the following competencies:

  • Promote the benefits of candidates developing their knowledge, skills and behaviours
  • How to collect relevant performance and behavioural information and turn this in to meaningful feedback
  • How to ask insightful questions, along with how and where to probe for information and an understanding of your people
  • Agreeing scoring for previous performance with your people, ensuring a balanced, objective outcome
  • How to set meaningful SMART objectives that will drive performance, growth and intrinsic fulfilment with and for your people, team and business
  • Up-skill and refresh new and existing leaders in appraisal processes and best practice
  • Understand what your company is offering to employees beyond the salary and how to sell these opportunities to your people
  • Learn how to use effective open questions to get the best from your people
  • Learn how improving your appraisal skills will improve business performance
  • Gain the necessary skills to develop, train and motivate staff
  • Use appropriate scoring alongside your own personal judgement on both current performance and future opportunities
  • Team Leaders and other Appraising Managers
  • Department Managers
  • Future leaders and others assisting with appraisals

This EuroMaTech online training course is designed to be highly interactive, challenging and stimulating. Delegates will learn by a combination of active participation using training course materials, case study review, discussion, syndicate group work, skills practice exercises, training videos and exploration of relevant best practice. This Appraisal Skills for Leaders online training course synthesises use of relevant organisational theory and recruitment best practice with core communication strategies and skills. It will be an interactive opportunity to sharing best practice, bringing a consistency and value driven approach to appraisals, giving participants the opportunity to learn or refresh the essential skills to build successful teams, driving an aspirational performance culture. 


Appraisal Skills for Leaders online training course prepares you as a leader of people to have a meaningful conversation  focused around achieving positive outcomes for your team members, your overall team and the wider business around you. We will visit upon the psychology and behavioural models at play throughout the appraisal process and how best to mitigate the barriers these can create, to ensure an open meaningful conversation, culminating in effective SMART targets helping drive your peoples’ performance, careers and the success of your business.

Day 1 : Projecting Confidence through Self-Awareness
  • Looking at the individual - in life and work
  • Motivation and fears in the appraisal setting
  • Using reflective language
  • Reviewing previous performance
  • Giving and preparing feedback
 Day 2 : Communicating the same Message in Words and Actions
  • Utilising AKEP measurement
  • Rating performance
  • Nine box grid for performance
  • Agreeing SMART Objectives
  • Monitoring and reviewing SMART objectives


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