An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Advanced Warehouse Management, Warehousing Performance Measures, Storage Control & Safety

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26 - 30 Dec 2021


US $ 4,950


27 Feb - 03 Mar 2022


US $ 4,950


14 - 18 Aug 2022


US $ 4,950


25 - 29 Dec 2022


US $ 4,950



Warehouses deliver superior customer satisfaction and return on investment by functioning as a tightly-integrated part of a company’s value chain. Warehousing plays a vital role in providing a desired level of customer service at the lowest possible cost where there is a pressure on the warehouse to perform its functions to a high standard. Furthermore, warehouses are potentially dangerous places for people to work and hence it is vital that there has to be a plan for safety to minimise the risk of accident and injury.

The Advanced Warehouse Management, Warehousing Performance Measures, Storage Control and Safety training course covers the warehouse operations theories, concept and operational strategies ensuring the efficient flow of products in and out of the facility, ensuring orders are fulfilled and products are in stock, but not overstocked. Thus ensuring profitability and minimizing overhead and labor costs. This training course will also enable delegates to measure warehouse metrics critical for providing team leaders with a clear vision of potential issues and opportunities for improvements.

Participants on the Advanced Warehouse Management, Warehousing Performance Measures, Storage Control & Safety training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Effectually managing the operations and functions of the warehouse;
  • Classify distinction between warehousing processes
  • Evaluating warehousing strategies from a qualitative and quantitative perspective;
  • Recognition that the safety of personnel and security of products are the basic building blocks for warehouse operations;
  • Optimizing warehouse operations and warehouse space availability as impacted by equipment and product flow;
  • Recognition of  better efficiency through warehouse performance measurements
Programme Objectives

EuroMaTech’s Advanced Warehouse Management, Warehousing Performance Measures, Storage Control & Safety training course aims to help participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Define the role and objectives of their Warehouse’s role within an organization
  • Understand the importance of Performance Measurements in an overall perspective
  • Appreciate the importance of storage control and safety of personnel
  • Improve their competence in the area of warehouse operation
  • Evaluate and implement value-added activities in warehouse operations
  • Understand the concept of storage and preservation of inventory
Who Should Attend? 

The Advanced Warehouse Management, Warehousing Performance Measures, Storage Control & Safety training course is suitable for warehouse supervisory and managerial professionals employed in the field of logistics and supply chain, but will be particularly beneficial to:

  • Warehouse Operators
  • Operations Team Leaders
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals
Training Methodology

The Advanced Warehouse Management, Warehousing Performance Measures, Storage Control & Safety training course will adopt the Adult Learning principles. This EuroMaTech training course would be facilitated with more class-based activities and featured around the works skills framework. Video and case studies will be utilized aimed at ensuring the transfer of knowledge to their workplace. This training course will enable delegates to fully embed the learning in order that they can apply within their roles upon returning to their workplace.

Programme Summary

This unique EuroMaTech training course on Advanced Warehouse Management, Warehousing Performance Measures, Storage Control & Safety covers critical areas of operation of the warehouse and its importance to the organization. Participants will acquire and develop essential skills that will improve their operational competence while at the same time improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Day 1 : Warehouse Operations and Logistics Best Practices

    The Role of the Warehouse in an Organization

  • The need for a warehouse and its value creation
  • Functionalities of the operations,
  • Effective of warehouse in supply chain
  • The distinct characteristics between sorting and storing
  • Initial questions to ask about warehousing activity

    Product Classification 

  • Understanding FSN tool and making them work for warehouse management
  • Understanding ABC Analysis or the 80/20 rule in relations to warehousing
  • Categorizing product handling groups
  • Throughputs and product formats
Day 2 : Optimizing Warehouse Operations Workflows

    Layout Options 

  • Understanding receiving options
  • Planning Storage options
  • Organizing Picking / assembly options
  • Optimizing dispatching options
  • Using the floor and the height space

    Methods and Equipment

  • Warehouse structures
  • Loading bays
  • Selecting fork lift trucks
  • Selecting racking
  • Implications for warehouse layouts
  • Operational timings and planning
Day 3 : Safety and Risk Management in Warehouse Operations

    Health and Safety

  • Responsibilities and duty of care in warehouse Operations
  • Inspections and risk assessments-task analysis
  • Equipment and inventory preservation, maintenance and care
  • Raising people’s awareness in warehouse safety and security

    Security and Loss

  • Security issues in minimizing internal theft
  • Minimizing external theft
  • Preventative measures
Day 4 : Asset Tracking Best Practices for Warehouse Operations
  • Understanding Inventory receipts
  • Identifying inventory issues
  • Managing Surplus and obsolescent stock
  • Stock checking programs
  • Reviewing current procedures and polices

    Inventory Performance

  • Appreciating Inventory Assessment in organisation
  • Assessing the stock level
  • Models for implementing inventory control
  • Determining stock targets
  • Inventory KPI’s in warehouses / stores
Day 5 : Design Criteria for Warehouse Accreditation

    Warehouse Layout

  • Different types of layout with advantages and disadvantages
  • Planning for flow in the warehouse
  • Checklists to help on deciding the best option

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