Press Releases

  • This Modern Chemical Laboratory training course covers critical areas of operation of testing laboratories in today’s competitive and demanding market environment. Participants will acquire and develop essential skills that will improve their technical competence while at the same time improving the overall laboratory processes that relate to delivering the right service to the customer, at the right time with all supporting and traceable documentation.

  • Designing clear, content-rich and credible training materials is essential for any successful live or online training course. Thus the topic of a five-day course run by EuroMaTech, this week led by International Consultant, Mr. Graham Robert Phelps. This interactive and practical training programme will help training and HR professional to design, develop and deliver more effective training materials, learning resources and course documentations. This means being able to increase the impact and quality of training and its results in less time and with less budget.

  • EuroMaTech has been operating as a leading training organization for 21 years and once again EuroMaTech offers a new high powered invigorating course on Oil & Gas Operational Safety. In Dubai course leader and international trainer Nicholas John Ross-Clunis guides participants in an upbeat and stimulating manner.

  • Word Class Training Provider EuroMaTech is proud to announce they are presenting a new course in Dubai this week. The course is targeted at addressing the relationship(s) and issues under the title of ‘Enhancing Job Performance; Skills to Achieve Personal & Organisational Goals’.

  • Engineering professionals attending a new course entitled “Health, Safety & Environment in Engineering Projects” from training leaders EuroMaTech in Dubai this week learn how Risk Assessment and Safety Culture are essential tools in preventing workplace disasters. The course is provided by our Senior Consultant, Michael Ellerby, who is from England.