April 30, 2018

Non-Project professionals attending a new course from training leaders EuroMaTech in Dubai this week learn the fundamentals of project management and how to actually master the techniques required to deliver it through to success.

Project Management for Non-Project Professionals looks at how to “Start with the End in Mind” and focus on ensuring successful delivery.   Too many projects fail, and it’s often due to lack of communication or understanding of the objectives, but it can also be down to simple mistakes that arise from lack of knowledge of the etiquettes of Project Management.

“In the 21st Century, we can expect to encounter projects as part of our working life whether we chose that field or not” claims Jacqui Aird-Paterson, Project Management leader and international consultant, “and by taking time to master the underpinning techniques that allow us to keep focus and master behaviours, we will be in a far better position to steer the choppy waters.“

Among the topics on offer are:
  • Recognise the need for the project
  • Identifying requirements
  • Conducting the Project kick-off meeting
  • Developing the Project Team
  • Mastering Project Planning
  • Managing risks, issues and opportunities
  • Problem-solving in new and creative ways
  • Quality in Play
  • Obtain and update Lessons Learned.

Together they provide a powerful toolkit to integrate and deliver projects that are fit-for-purpose and satisfy or delight clients or internal sponsors.

Appropriately, the course is delivered over 5-days working on a real-life project case-study taking delegates from cradle to grave, providing many interactive exercises that provide competence to take back to the workplace.    This highly engaging course will entertain as well as educate you.

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