Environmental Impact Assessment for Oil and Gas Development Projects Training Course

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an assessment of potential environmental consequences arising from the impact of proposed oil and gas related projects and/or major plant modifications. An EIA helps decision makers to determine to either proceed or reject an oil and gas project/modification proposal. Environmental Impact Assessments are based on a sequential EIA procedural process, to ensure, as appropriate, participation of stakeholders and, the public in the EIA assessment process and, the subsequent preparation of an accurate and practical EIA report to enable risk-based decisions to be made as to the feasibility of the proposed oil and gas project/plant modification. This may also be subject to government approval and/or judicial review.

This EuroMaTech training course will help delegates to develop their skills and confidence to be able to proactively carry out an environmental impact assessment for proposed oil and gas projects and/or major plant modifications. The training course also covers the evaluation and selection of mitigation measures and provides training for the preparation of good EIA reports for decision making.

Participants on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) training course will develop the following competencies:
  • Identify and assess potential environmental impacts presented by oil and gas projects and/or major plant modifications
  • Learn how to evaluate potential oil and gas related environmental impacts and select the applicable mitigation measures, based on current best practices.
  • Prepare practical EIA reports to enable decision makers to evaluate the feasibility of proposed oil and gas projects and major plant modifications
  • Understand EIA principles, as set out in international standards and the EIA United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)  

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