Corporate Credit Analysis Training Course

This highly participative EuroMaTech training course hones financial expertise in interpreting and evaluating company performance and credit quality through examination of key financial and qualitative information. There is a great need today for financial professionals to be equipped with cutting-edge skills to scrutinize and “get behind” the numbers in order to determine company direction and debt capacity.  Through astute financial analysis, analysts should be well-positioned to judge management performance and strategy, and make sound financial and credit decisions to support one’s own organization and career.

This Corporate Credit Analysis training course provides vital skills such as financial forecasting, formulation and analysis of different scenarios, and reinforces the confidence to speak persuasively and with assurance about financial credit analysis with colleagues and clients, thereby leading to reputation enhancement as a credit expert. Through application of these skills to the tasks and challenges faced in work, breakthroughs never thought possible can be achieved.

This EuroMaTech training course seeks to help delegates:
  • Read and understand financial information to evaluate performance and trends accurately
  • Embed and apply present value concepts to expected future cash flows to make the best financial and credit decisions
  • Use comparative ratio analysis to pinpoint areas of concern
  • Identify key success factors, warning signals, negative and positive trends
  • Become familiar with key financial credit metrics used by leading global companies
  • Project with confidence the future performance of the firm and its investments through accurate, real-world analysis

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